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Why the name, Three Oaks Realty?

We chose our name, Three Oaks Realty Company, not only because the oak tree stands as one of our area’s most distinctive landmarks, but because its unique stature embodies everything we love about living and working in the low country. The enchanting, understated, natural beauty captures the unique allure that makes Savannah the perfect place to call home. Part of what makes our Southern Live Oak trees so iconic is the presence of Spanish moss- a bit like a natural partnership. We believe that real estate should embody this same principal. It should be collaborative- between realtors, clients, vendors and community partners. When all of these things are working together- it has the power to turn real estate dreams into reality. No two oaks are the same, but they are unified in their strong roots and the foundation from which they grow. That mirrors how we feel about our partnership at Three Oaks Realty Company. We all bring different perspectives and different strengths to the table, but we have the same core beliefs. It’s these beliefs that represent the roots of this company and everything we do. Simply, love what you do, and do it better than anyone else.


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