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Anne Gantt
Sales Associate
A native Georgian, Anne relocated with her husband to Savannah in 2016. After she studied the market for more than a year, she decided to join the Three Oaks Realty team in 2018. “I choose Three Oaks Realty because of their use of technology and the collaborative team environment. I was looking for the same team based ‘I’ve got your back’ work ethic in my previous career and I also like the concierge approach we offer at Three Oaks.” Buying and selling homes during her husband’s military and civilian careers sparked Anne’s interest in real estate. She has become an avid student of Savannah’s history and architecture. “My husband is busy and my children are all grown so I now have the time to dedicate to my client’s needs on their timeline. By moving so much, including an overseas move to and from Japan with a family of five, I learned to be resourceful and I can share that resourcefulness with my clients”

When Anne gave up a job she loved and decided to move from the Atlanta area to Savannah she also decided it was time to pursue the long time goal of helping people buy and sell homes full time. Her husband was concerned she would miss what she does so well and loves so much about medicine and hospitals but she quickly pointed out to him that so much of what she did as a nurse can be applied to the real estate industry. Anne is well known as an enthusiastic caregiver. “I am a tenacious negotiator for patients and physicians and protector of patient rights and I apply that same enthusiasm and tenacity to my real estate clients’ interests.”

Anne, a nurse since 1979, is thrilled to be applying her accumulated medical knowledge and experience as a critical care nurse, practice administrator, physician liaison and hospital marketing director to real estate. She also concurrently served as a system administrator implementing medical software packages that facilitate the move from paper to electronic communication and storage in hospitals and physician offices. She now applies all her project management, communication, problem solving, IT skills, and attention to detail to buying and selling real estate with the caring demeanor, patience and work ethic of a nurse.


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